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What is Love

Ricky and Cherry were very much in love at the start of their relationship, but they've let their routine get the better of them. Will they be able to rediscover their desire and passion?

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Five Reasons To Watch 'What Is Love'

By Chase
Five Reasons to Watch What Is Love...

1-Dorcel Brand.
Dorcel always brings a touch of high class to their international movies. We get to experience lovely ladies with beautiful accents and body parts. It's always intriguing the way they tell a story, it unfolds throughout the movie. It's not just about watching sex happen, it all comes together like a beautiful portrait. In this movie they try to ponder What Is Love to us all really? In this movie it is not defined by marriage or by opposite sex, it is based on pure passion.

2-Beautiful Girls.
First we get treated to a frustrated blonde beauty named Cherry Kiss. Her man is two timing her with another beauty Lia Lin, but Lia in in a relationship with Venera Maxima. Then we get a special addition to the mix with another horny blonde Brill Barbie who is hungry to two cocks.

3-Perfect Date Movie.
In this movie you get a bit of everything which makes it a fun movie to create the mood for date night. You have some passionate sex combined with great oral sex to hit every moment. You get some all-girl play which is always great for both sexes to watch and enjoy. You also get treated to a powerful threesome when two studs share Brill Barbie. The use of the anal plug when Cherry and Venera play is really intense.

4-Hot Sex.
Brill Barbie is in the mood for action and wears a sexy number to the pounding attention of her man in the bedroom. Their romp is filled with some mind and cock blowing action. I was surprised to see Lia Lin involved in a lesbian scene with Venera. They had beautiful passion and fun foreplay. Venera seems to really love her but doesn't seem to know she also has a man in her life. Lia Lin is also pretty exciting when she is playing with Ricky, the two-timing hubby who loves the taste of her pussy. The threesome with Brill Barbie delivers some excellent partner swapping fucking.

5-Fun Story.
I enjoy how each story wraps into the other one. Workers talk about their troubles in love not realizing that their partners are both cheating with the other's partner. Not only that, but the partners are of opposite sexes so it's a twist nobody could foretell. To further complicate the matter the coworkers engage in a little affair tryst of their own. All four partners have now swapped with none of the others knowledge. It doesn't end there when Ricky then gets involved in a threesome with a friend from work and his lady Brill Barbie. The final scene of the movie brings it all together in a very climatic way, I will let you discover that tale on your own. I would have only done one thing different about the ending.