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I'm Not Your Mommy 2

Lexi is determined to seduce her young but very nervous accountant. When he fumbles her pass, Lexi takes charge, putting his hands on her tits. She then makes things even clearer by shoving his face into her warm, wet pussy. Leana's mom has caught these step-siblings fooling around so she sends them to Dr. White who encourages them to embrace their desires. They're nervous at first but decide that fucking in front of the doctor might be therapeutic.

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Busty MILF Lexi Luna Wants To Fuck With Her Accountant

Joshua Lewis Wants His Mom To Watch Him Fucking Hot Pristine Edge

Busty Step-Mom Jennifer White & Step-Sister Leana Lovings Fuck With Joshua Lewis

Gorgeous MILF Aiden Ashley In Workout Clothes Fucks Her Step-Son


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Five Reasons to Watch 'I'm Not Your Mommy 2'

By Jackie Daytona
Jennifer White getting fingered
Imagine fingering Jennifer White's juicy hot pussy while she grinds her thick ass around and Leana Lovings is on top of you, mounting you like her favorite dildo? Well that's what you'll be imagining when you watch I'm Not Your Mommy 2. Threesomes come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and the best ones explore different angles, like the angle of Jennifer White's pussy getting drilled with fingers. The horniness fills the air from camera to your seat from the combination of Leana's full sex ride and Jennifer's filled hole. The fact that Leana is fucking next to her only increases the intensity of the fingering, making it a highlight moment.

Lexi Luna's grand breasts and mature sexuality
I'm a simple man, when I close my eyes I see Lexi Luna, hips arched, ass popped, and breasts heaving in my face. That's how most of my mornings and evenings start, but this time, when I opened my eyes to awake from my fantasy, I saw it for real, because I was watching I'm Not Your Mommy 2. The way Lexi's red top could barely contain her tits as they sank the shirt further down left me mesmerized. When she bent over and her little skirt rode too far up her legs, on top of her ass, revealing a rear view of her pussy, I was overwhelmed with energy. Her back arch is unmatched, and her ability to flirt with the body has renewed my faith in ways I didn't know possible. I'm now a member of the church of Lexi Luna, waiting on my knees with my eyes shut and my mouth open, praying for rain from my goddess above.

Pristine Edge's dirty eyes and neat bush
Many women in porn can talk with their tits, ass, and pussy, but Pristine Edge is able to convey a sharp, primal dirty lust through her eyes that pierces the soul and jerks its cock. You can feel the fuck before it begins when Pristine flashes those lashes and then tears her undies to the side, revealing her experienced and ripe vagina. Surrounding that glorious piece of pie is a neatly sculpted bush, with just the right amount of length to know you're fucking a fully grown woman, and just the right amount structure to know she knows what she's doing.

Leana Lovings' super enticing pussy
I'm only a man so it's hard to pretend there's only one attractive feature of Leana Lovings. From her geometrically gifted round breasts to her big nerdy glasses that her teasingly innocent eyes hide behind, to her quivering soft voice, it's endless natural Viagra. But when her modest white skirt is ripped aside and her legs are spread to reveal that super enticing, young pussy framed by her shockingly sturdy and sexy hips, I want to leap right through the screen get in on the action. Few performers a generation come along that can have that effect on a man, and Leana is one of those few.

Aiden Ashley's tight cheeks
Aiden Ashley's ultra-tight ass cheeks are crunched together by a pair of high waisted compression shorts that ride deep up her ass. She sports a pink tied off top and holds an aluminum baseball bat, all the right amount of crazy and horny in her eyes. She gives off shades of the Harley Quinn which is an instant zinger for most men and honest women, and her freshly shaven pussy takes a cock so willingly that it slides in with ease. Her knee-high socks with pink stripes are a sight for sore eyes as she keeps them on while she's rammed between her legs with enthusiastic and penetrating .