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Open Hearts

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A teacher, Lauren Phillips, arrives to supervise detention. She is shocked to see that the troublesome students, Leana Lovings and Aften Opal, are dancing. Lauren demands that they stop, finding it completely disrespectful! Lauren tries to stop the dancing and accidentally touches the students' boobs. Wanting to mess with Lauren some more, the students act shocked and indignant. They say that if Lauren wants them to forget about her "awful" behavior, she needs to make it up to them somehow. Bella Rolland is about to leave her girlfriend, Mocha Menage, for a trip. Bella doesn't want Mocha to be alone during this time and has permitted Mocha to see other women while she's away. One year later, Bella returns from her trip. Although Mocha just did exactly what Bella wanted, shes a little nervous. What if she's been replaced? They start talking about Ember Snow, the woman who Mocha met while Bella was away. Mocha assures her that Bella will come to like Ember as much as she does. Madi Collins is having an affair with Lulu Chu when suddenly they hear Madi's wife, Whitney Wright, coming home from work. Desperate to not get caught, Madi hides Lulu in a closet. Whitney then enters the bedroom and suggests they have spontaneous sex like they used to. As Madi and Whitney make love, Lulu peeks at them from the closet doorway, which is when she gets caught! Whitney decides to let bygones be bygones and offers to have a threesome. Everyone is on board with Open Hearts for the idea.

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Naughty Students Have Teacher Lauren Phillips Take Part In Their Sexy Dancing...And More!

Sensual Lesbian Trio Shove Their Faces Into Each Other's Wet Pussies

Mistress Joins Lesbian Couple To Help Their Marriage


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