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Mom Does It Best

You've been on dates. You've had girlfriends. Maybe you even have a wife. None of that matters. When it's time to fuck, mom does it best. Watch horny stepsons get spoiled by gorgeous milfs with big, nurturing boobs and warm mommy holes!

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Melissa Stratton Gets Nailed on the Couch

Horny Blonde MILF Cherry Kiss Fucks With Her Stepson

Hot Cougar London River Catches Her Stepson Masturbating

Big Butt Stepmom Gets Her Titties And Tight Ass Fucked


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Five Reasons to Watch 'Mom Does It Best'

By Jackie Daytona
It's no controversial statement to say Mom Does It Best. Digital Sin put together this collection of stepmom-based family roleplay scenes featuring a blisteringly hot cast of Cherry Kiss, London River, Melissa Stratton, and Miss Raquel. Here are five reasons to watch Mom Does It Best.

London's big cans
Cover star London River is the the epitome of the MILF; big mom ass, beautifully maintain golden blonde hair, and giant hulking cans that are so divine you could pray to them. Her aura screams dominance, and she proves it by getting fully serviced by her stepson Nick Strokes who is eager to please her every single whim. He doesn't just want a taste or a bite, he wants the whole thing ? everything London has to offer. He gets lost in the endless beauties of her body, licking up up her pussy and drilling her forwards and backwards. But through it all her giant cans hang strong, taking up space and focus and dangling in front of our pleased eyes.

Melissa Stratton's straddle
Melissa Stratton is a perfectly sculpted bombshell. Her tits are big and round, her ass is poppin' and firm, and her black raven hair is silky, smooth, and shiny. If the devil were to send a succubus to seduce someone, it would look something like Melissa, and it would fuck just like her. She gets Victor to eat her out on the couch before giving him a soaking blowjob. All great things, but nothing compares to when she sits on top. She straddles him with finesse, flexing her ass and abs and utilizing her fitness to stay balanced and maintain traction. She rides around the stick like a professional bull rider, sucking up all she wants and getting every last drop.

Cherry's seductive accent
It's one thing to look at Cherry's hot body and gorgeous blonde hair and know you're in for a treat. It's a whole other thing when you hear her speak and the seductive European accent drops your heart to your feet and grows your sail to full mast. As Cherry Kiss and Jimmy Michaels cycle through a variety of dirty positions in bed, becoming one as stepmom and stepson, Cherry talks plenty of naughty words. The explicit language spills from her mouth as she's being pumped internally, almost like it's shooting through her body from the dick to the mouth. Cherry is consumed with arousal, feeling the pleasure of her stepson's penis in the deepest part of her nerves while she grips her own body, closes her eyes, and falls into bliss.

Miss Raquel's anal
Mom Does It Best isn't only a MILF family roleplay movie, it's a statement about the versatility of the mom as a sexual warrior. Miss Raquel steps up to the plate and knocks it out of the park with an anal performance that'll make you never look at moms the same way again. When Miss Raquel lies back and pulls her legs apart, she displays the full breadth of her thighs, hamstrings, and ass, and they are thick and juicy. It's the kind of cake that you reserve for special occasions, and they make this one by having her ass consume every last bit of Lucky Fate's dick. Her hole sucks it right up with the tightness and suction of demon's grip. This ass can handle anything.

Mom does it best
There's a reason that it's the title of the film, and it's because it's the God's honest truth. Nobody balls as hard as mom does, and nobody takes dick like mom does. These are experienced, mature women who know what they like and take what they want. Ask anybody on the street; everybody wants to bang a MILF. They've spent years cultivating a sexy body that can perform all of the most carnal sex acts better than any other demographic. We see it with Miss Raquel's anal as she happily spreads her cheeks for Lucky Fate. We see it with London River's dominating ass and tits. With Melissa's ride and Cherry's ability to lose herself in the deep dicking from Jimmy Michaels. The MILF is always the most sought real estate in the horniness market.