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Three V3

Three remains the mode of choice in this third collection of threesome vignettes from Lulu Chu recruits Kimmy Kim to help her handle a performer with a big ego in Little Spoons. Diana Grace hires a sex worker to reignite the passion in her relationship for one Unbroken Hour. Avery Black knows her crush has his eye on a friend (Jane Wilde), and raises the stakes in All In. Jessie Saint turns her boyfriend's infidelity on its head when she sees the resemblance between herself and Kiara Cole in Spitting Image. Every story explores the the allure of the menage-a-trois in Three.

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Customer Reviews

Five Reasons to Watch 'Three V3'

By Nicole Chappelle
Three is Deeper's exploration series into threesomes and it's one of the best in the industry, which is why I couldn't wait to sit down and watch Three V3. The cover art promises and elegant high end experience, the cast is a-listers from top to bottom, the production quality goes above and beyond, and the sex is explosive.

Threesomes The Deeper Way
Threesomes are the foundation of this movie so it's crucial that they're done right and I can assure you right now that they are! Each scene is well balanced, high energy, and packed with the glamorous settings and sex we've come to expect and love from them. What's super impressive is that Deeper never strays from who are they are what they promise to deliver. Instead they take the theme and make it fit their mode of execution and it truly is done brilliantly. Even though you know what's coming, the build up keeps you glued to the screen and they throw in little surprises that enhance the overall experience. After watching this movie you'll sit back and appreciate the Deeper way if.

Top Notch Erotic Vignettes
Some may tell themselves the plot or storyline in porn isn't important, but we're all playing some sort of fantasy out in our heads and the erotic vignettes throughout Three V3 are incredibly sexy. Lulu Chu is running late for a meeting with a new client Jax Slayher and Kimmy Kimm already warned her that he's going to be a hard ass to say the least. He only wants little spoons, no groupies, and an exclusive experience around the board. Is that too much to ask! Turns out it isn't, and they take him on the ride of his life and they tag team his dick, and that's only the beginning. From there we watch Diana Grace hire a sex worker to help add some spice to her relationship, two friends, Avery Black and Jane Wilde, fuck fight for someone they've both had their eyes on, and Jessie Saint flip the script on her cheating boyfriend after recognizing a bit of herself in his mistress. Three V3 is certain to keep you entertained!

Kayden Kross Directs
Kayden Kross is one of my favorite directors because of how she's able to bring stories and sex to life in a way that jumps off the screen. Her pairings are consistently on point, she maintains a nice balance of sweet and naughty, and she never shies away from pushing limits and boundaries. She brings all of those elements to Three V3 and with such a diverse and talented cast it beautifully comes together to form a cohesive sex experience that leaves you feeling tons of satisfaction and a little dirty afterwards. Her camera angles get you right up in the action, there's never a moment were you aren't sure what's going on with the entire group because she keeps the focus on all three performers, and the lighting is superb. Pumping out hit after hit is a challenge that Kayden always seems to meet and elevate, which definitely makes her movies stand out and keeps you coming back for more. You can tell she uses the knowledge she gained being in front of the screen and applies it to her visualization and creativity, something I don't think she gets enough credit for.

Kiara Cole & Jessie Saint devour Seth Gamble
Kiara Cole and Jessie Saint are hungry for Seth's dick from the jump and the energy they bring to the scene is tremendous! Seth is a cheating scumbag who gets caught off guard when his boo Jessie finds out what he's been up to with Kiara. Jessie shocks the shit back into him though when she sees a resemblance between Kiara and herself, and what unfolds is sure to rock your world. What one would assume to be a romantic night between lovers trying to reconnect turns into a dirty fuck fest that includes group kissing, lots of saliva, shared dick sucking, and fun positions none of us should dare try without medics on standby. What I really love about this scene is that it flips what we think about cheating and mending couples on it's head, us as viewers to reevaluate what we think we know and how we go about solving relationship problems. Most of us don't want to bang the person cheating on us, and I'm not suggesting you do, but it is a fun thought experiment that takes you on a wild ride mixed with sex and emotions. Gotta love when porn makes you think!

Good Acting
Everything mentioned above gets tossed out the window if these stars can't sell their performances and luckily for us that isn't the case. Nobody is going to win an Oscar but that doesn't mean that they shouldn't. Characters are developed and taken to the next level in each scene and the stars attack their roles with purpose and it can't go unstated because it elevates our experience and pleasure as viewers. The really good acting across the board also helps us relate to each character and keeps us involved in each scene with very little effort from us. It's like watching a great made for tv movie but with real raw sex instead of the softcore bullshit cable is allowed. Brining passion and energy to work can be hard but that's what makes it more enjoyable, especially in the adult entertainment industry, and this entire cast deserves their flowers.

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