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Filthy Habits

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Two wives, Victoria Voxxx and Whitney Wright, love to create amazing memories together, especially on their anniversary. To make things even raunchier this year, they share a double-ended dildo, and then double-penetrate each other by sharing TWO double-ended dildos! Happy anniversary to this adventurous couple! Lauren Phillips and Mona Azar are busy gardening, their skin glistens with sweat. At first glance, these two suburban housewives may seem innocent enough- just two friends who enjoy the simpler things in life. But dig a bit deeper... and a shocking secret is soon revealed. They approach each other with sultry grins and get ready to "Lez Be Bad"... making sure to keep quiet so their husbands don't hear! Bella Rolland is relaxing in her living room when she gets an unexpected knock at the front door. What's even more unexpected is that the person knocking happens to be her old high school bully, Charlotte Sins. Bella is confused- why would Charlotte come to see her out of the blue like this? It seems like, after all these years, Charlotte wants to apologize to Bella for all the nasty things she did to her in high school. And to help even the score, Charlotte wants to allow Bella to punish her in any way she wants...

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Hot Couple Whitney Wright & Victoria Voxxx Celebrate In Leather! Rough Double Dildo

Big-Titted Neighbors Lauren Phillips & Mona Azar Use A Dildo During Rough Secret Affair

Upset Bella Rolland Ruins Her Bully's Pussy While Talking With Her Roommate!


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